What can my child expect during a training session?

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Our esports training sessions powered by ECA, are designed to equip participants with the tools and knowledge they need, so that each hour of play both during and outside of practice, delivers the most improvement and enjoyment possible.

How are the training sessions structured?

Our training sessions are made up of six building blocks: team huddles, mini games, in-game drills, social games, physical activity, and play. You can find the link to more information on this here

Team huddle the coach and students come together to learn and discuss a concept related to the game they are training or any other topic relevant to competitive esports. This is an interactive and fun session where the group can bond and learn together.

Mini games are short-form exercises for more than one player with a defined victory condition. These games simulate certain in-game scenarios and encourage context-specific reactions that directly translate into being better able to handle difficult in-game scenarios under pressure.

In-game drills are specific game mechanics or skills practiced through repetition in a safe environment outside of the traditional game. By practicing these skills in a safe space, we can accelerate skill acquisition.

Social games are focused on building valuable social skills such as teamwork, communication, trust, and respect. These games help the participants interact socially and acquire skills that are extremely important in esports.

Physical activity are a set of activities that get the students moving and their blood flowing before sitting down at the computer for the day’s task at hand. These exercises improve their physical fitness, strength, and cardio. Good core strength, strong hands, and a healthy cardiovascular system are the physical foundation for the high-performing esports athlete.

Play is divided into three categories: free play, focused play, and competitive play. 

  • Free play allows students to choose how they spend their allocated play time.
  • Focused play emphasizes practicing a specific skill or in-game mechanic.
  • Competitive play is when players adopt a competitive mindset and try their hardest to perform well and win.

We hope this information helps you understand what your child does during an esports training session. These building blocks allow us to create a diverse and engaging esports course for any game and any age. Learn more about how to support your young gamer in their passion

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