ALGS Split 2 Recap

Creating a Winning Esports Team

Nothing screams Esports like a proper Bootcamp.

During early July we welcomed 8 of the top Apex Legends Professional Esports teams from across the globe ahead of the Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs in London. 

Players were treated to state of the art PCs for international scrims along with food and drink delivered to their desks at the click of a button!

Amongst the teams was our very own GLYTCH Energy! The boys from Brazil put in a momentous effort. Despite being knocked out in the losers bracket by 1 point, they managed to bag a victory on the global stage. Not bad for their first LAN. 

We would also like to congratulate PULVEREX, ONIC and Riddle Order for advancing to the Championship! New Meta Bootcamp buff is real indeed!

We look forward to seeing you guys back here at New Meta in August for the grand finals.

Here’s some highlights of the teams during their bootcamp (and our staff being startstruck)

Looking for a place to bootcamp for the next LAN or just to take your game to the next level? Contact us on or via the link

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