Your Party at New Meta

How Does it Work?

Enjoy a fun afternoon of social gaming on high-end PCs that will leave the kids buzzing. It is a LAN experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

Each gamer will have their own station to compete against their friends and show off their skills. Ahead of the party, we will ask you to pre-select up to 4 games to ensure as much gaming time as possible.

Additional Information

  • For gamers aged 6-16 (For adult parties email your enquiry to
  • Up to 12 players on PCs + up to 4 kids on the consoles (PS5 or XBOX Series X)
  • 3 hours (you are welcome to bring your own cake and celebrate in-between or after gaming)


Perks included in the birthday package:

  • Dedicated member of staff to ensure uninterrupted, immersive experience for young gamers
  • Pre-prepared gaming area to call your own for 3 hours, uninterrupted
  • 1 soft drink and 1 snack per player (FREE)
  • Unforgettable experience for the kids

Book your Birthday!

Please use the form below to reserve the date and the member of our staff will be in touch to answer any questions and arrange the event


    Member of our team will be in touch to confirm the details


    Kids could play as many games as they want to, but our team recommends to choose 2 or maximum 3 games for one session to get the best experience. As we are asking parents to bare in mind that our staff member will need between 10 to 15 minutes to change game for everyone.

    We are asking parents to collect and share with us list of games your kids would like to play and we recommend to stick to them. We would not allow kids to play any games that has age restriction, unless you told us so.

    Yes. If you noticed the minimum session is 3 hours with only 2 hours of playing time. Rest of the time will be spent on setting up kids to play and presenting food and drinks. Moreover, you will be able to stay longer if needed to finish food, drinks and cake.

    Sure! Please send an email to, and one of our members will confirm your booking and guide you further.

    The minimum amount required to book out the ground floor completely would be 8 kids.





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