Dota 2 New Frontier or we finally got Dota 3?


Valve has released a massive update called New Frontiers for Dota 2, a popular esports title with over 300,000 concurrent players on Steam. This update is expected to bring significant changes to the free-to-play game, particularly in terms of real estate, as the game’s entire map has expanded by 40 percent, allowing players to explore more areas.

Despite the map expansion, Valve has assured players that the game’s core objective remains the same, with lanes not being further apart and the items necessary to win still being located in the center of the map.

Additionally, the update introduces several “meta-defining new features,” such as new locations, Tormentor mini-bosses, Watchers that grant vision, Lotus Pools that generate fruit, new items, matchmaking changes, and UI tweaks to health bars. Furthermore, all heroes in the game will undergo rebalancing to address various issues.

The Patch 7.33 changelog is extensive, and players are sure to appreciate the many changes it brings. Can’t wait to get your hands on the new patch? You can view the full graphical feast here or jump straight to the meat by clicking here.

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