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How does it work

5-Day Esports Boot Camp programs for Fortnite and Valorant led by an ECA-certified youth esports coach!

Whether the player is new to these popular games or an experienced player, our boot camps are open to all skill levels. They’ll have the opportunity to learn new techniques and skills, make new friends, and socialise in a fun and engaging environment.

We understand the importance of balancing screen time with physical activities, so our boot camps will have an appropriate balance of both. Your child will have the chance to engage in physical activities and interact with other children, while also learning valuable skills in Fortnite or Valorant.

Additional info

  • 5-Day Fortnite Bootcamp:

    • Age: 6+
    • When: Mon-Fri
    • Time: 9am – 1pm

    5-Day Valorant Bootcamp:

    • Age: 12+
    • When: Mon-Fri
    • Time: 9am – 3pm

What to expect

Bootcamps include

  • Supervision by a dedicated ECA-certified coach
  • Structured program aimed at improving social, cognitive and teamwork skills through gaming
  • Balance of gaming and physical activities



Class Structure
  • Class Structure
  • Exercises
  • Courses

Our training sessions give aspiring Esports players the tools and knowledge they need, so that each hour of play both during and outside of practice, delivers as much improvement and learning as possible. Each class is structured as follows:

  • Team-huddle. Where players discuss the goals of the session with the coach. This is also the time to reflect on things they want to improve and focus on
  • Physical warmup to get the blood flowing. Not only this helps students avoid any straining or injury, this also facilitates faster reflexes and better focus
  • Mini-games. Here, students hone-in on the goal of the class (be it movement, aim or team play) with a series of mini-games
  • In-game drills. The students practice their mechanical trying to beat their best time. While improving their skills, students also learn that repetition is the key to developing any skill
  • Social games. Now it’s time to apply those skills to an actual game. Players jump into action with 2 goals in mind, further improve their skill but most importantly – play as a team and learn as a team!
  • Competition. Here students will get to put their game face on and test everything they’ve learned throughout the course and perhaps even lift a trophy🏆
Class Structure

New Meta Esports Academy is built on the ECA methodology, which focuses on improving mental toughness, physical fitness, and in-game skills that promote healthy gaming habits. The fundamentals of the course were designed by Esports organisations across Iceland with the aim to take children’s passion for gaming and channel it into transferable skills development and preparing players for future development and carriers.


Esports Academy is structured around the most popular gaming titles like:

  • Fortnite
  • Valorant
  • Minecraft
  • Fifa

Not only are those games popular and fun, they also have the most to teach when it comes to teamwork, decision-making and communication. As more students join the Academy, we will be rolling out new titles and even offer a multi-game groups


Join the Bootcamp

Register using the link below to one of the upcoming boot camps. Once registered additional information will be sent out





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