new meta fellowship

  • 1 hour of gaming time on first visit
  • 4 hours of standard gaming time per month
  • 5% discount store-wide
  • 250 Coins
4 hrs = £20 Regular pricing
  • 8 hours of standard gaming time per month
  • 10% discount store-wide
  • 500 Coins
8 hrs = £40 Regular pricing
  • 20 hours of standard gaming time per month
  • 15% discount store-wide
  • 1000 Coins
20 hrs = £100 Regular pricing

Members FAQ:

Follow the link on our website under the membership tab. You will need to have an existing account with us and have access to your username and email address.

Follow the cancel membership link sent to your email address upon successfully signing up. Please be aware that if you choose to cancel, there will be a 3 month grace period during which you won’t be able to purchase or renew your membership and will have to pay standard prices until this period is over. This is to ensure that memberships are not being purchased multiple times to abuse the discounted rates.

In the confirmation email you receive upon signing up you can find a link to your private account. In that account (which is accessible via a one time password) you can upgrade, cancel or renew your membership.

Hours are not transferable between PCs and consoles.

Coins are earned through playtime at New Meta. They can be redeemed for free hours. More rewards will be added to the store in the future!

Hours are non transferable between accounts.

Upon logging out of your account. Your hours will freeze and will be waiting there for when you log back on!

Hours are transferable between the different types of PC around New Meta. Please note that the displayed amount of time will vary depending on the tier of PC you are using. All membership time is in general area PC hours.

You will keep all hours and coins when canceling your membership. You will retain your store discount for the remainder of the monthly period. The monthly period starts on the purchase date. There will be a 3 month cancellation period (where you will not be able to buy another membership) which means the standard rate will apply for all time and consumables.

Your discount is directly linked to your account. Any purchase you make from the PC you are using will have the discount automatically applied.

An email notification will be sent to you with news of any upcoming events and tournaments. There will be a sign up link attached. Remember, Divine members will have FREE access but will still need to sign up.

Yes, payment will be taken on the same day of the month you started your membership.

Please let a member of staff know next time you come into the store and we will have your new email linked to your account.

Payment method can be changed via gaining access to your private account with the one time passcode. If your payment fails you will be notified by email and have 2 weeks to amend in order to retain your benefits. During this period your membership will be paused.

You can only have one membership per user.





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New Meta Gaming Arena